How can I contact my customers while using StockTrac?

With our SMS Texting integration, you can send and receive text messages to your customers to let them know their car is ready for pickup and get approval to preform work from estimates. You can also create pre-defined text templates which streamlines the process making it quick and easy.

In addition StockTrac will integrate directly with your email server. You can email estimates, invoices, and even reports directly from StockTrac.

Does StockTrac support electronic vehicle inspections?

With our InSpec Tablet app you can create custom electronic inspection forms which can include pictures, detailed notes and can be emailed directly to the customer from StockTrac.

Is there an easy way to see previously recommended services when a customer comes back in?

With a click of the mouse you can see all of the previously recommended work that has been declined by the customer. You can also customize how long these declined services stay in the customers file.

How can I use StockTrac if I sell/deal with a lot of tires?

StockTrac integrates with several major tire suppliers. Also, we have recently released our suite of Tire Tools which includes:

Tire Registration Plus – Registers Tire DOT numbers and checks for recalls.

TPMS Manager – TPMS parts and service data with troubleshooting live support.  

TireTrac – Complete tire fitment guide with tire part numbers, images, and specifications

TireSize - Tire Fitment guide

How can I get me and my employees trained on a brand new point-of-sale system?

We take pride in personally training each new shop using our software to make sure you are comfortable and capable to hit the ground running. New shop owners have the option for easy over the phone training, on-site training at your shops location, or training at our office in Traverse City, Michigan. StockTrac also has regular interactive webinars for new features using. If you need additional help check out our YouTube channel, StockTrac University. We have a knowledgebase for our customers full of information which will show you step by step how to preform specific tasks.

When can I get in touch with your support team if I need more help?

We have highly trained support technicians that are ready answer your questions Monday through Saturday 8am to 9pm EST. Give us a call and experience the industries best customer service and technical support!

Will entering the license plate number autofill vehicle information such as VIN, year, make, model, and engine?

Our Carfax integration allows you to enter plate and or VIN information to auto populate all of the vehicle information. The vehicle information is also automatically brought over to the integrated catalogs, so you are only looking at parts for that specific vehicle, saving you time!

I do a lot of oil changes and need to be able to get customers a reminder sticker, how can I get those?

We sell specific thermal printers that work seamlessly with StockTrac for all your return for service or oil change label needs. A support technician will assist in setting up and configuring your label printer as well as help you create variable text templates which makes printing labels quick and easy.

What data will I lose if I change from my current shop management software to StockTrac?

We can convert and import your data from several other Shop Managements system into your new StockTrac system, saving you time. Just ask about it during the setup process.

Can I use my current accounting software with StockTrac?

StockTrac integrates with Quickbooks if it is installed on your computer for all of your payroll and accounting needs. We will work with you to make sure this is setup to your liking.

StockTrac sounds great, but I’m not sure I can afford to upgrade my shop right now.

StockTrac has always been one of the most cost effective and reliable shop management systems on the market! With custom payment plans available, along with optional add-ons, we will work with you no matter your financial situation to deliver the best experience guaranteed!

I’m opening a new shop, do you charge extra to set up workstations at the shop?

Our support technicians will remotely connect to your shop, set up your server and as many workstations as you would like along with making sure your printers and network are correctly configured. This can all be done in a short amount of time at no additional charge, ensuring you are ready to accommodate the new customers at your door!

How does StockTrac handle me ordering from multiple vendors?

With our new MV Connect feature powered by Epicor ISE, you are able to view information from all of your suppliers on one screen! Easily find the best price for the part you need across all of your suppliers. Everything you need, all on one screen!

Do I need an internet connection to use StockTrac?

The main StockTrac program is locally installed on your shops computers so if you do not have the best internet connection at the shop StockTrac will still work perfectly.

I have multiple shops, does StockTrac allow me to view data from each shop at a single location?

With our HUB system you can manage each shop individually from an off-site location. Get real-time data from each shop with a click of the mouse!

Does StockTrac have a way to easily backup my shops data?

Janco International has partnered with Gillware Data Services, and developed SpaceDock for your automatic and secure off-site business data backup.

Give us a call and a support technician will:

Assist you in the installation of your SpaceDock software

Configure the software for the optimum backup schedule for your business operations and verify that all of your important StockTrac data is backed up.

Assist your business in restoring critical data from SpaceDock offsite backups to a new computer or new storage device in the event of a computer failure or installation of a new PC. We'll also reconfigure your network computers, printers, switches and modems if needed.

Can StockTrac help me advertise to my customers?

We integrate with over 25 customer marketing companies including Kukui, Pistn, Mudlick, and Bluewater! Pick which customer marketing company best fits your needs and be ready to connect with your customer base!